Saturday, January 31, 2015

"#GrandStaircase-Escalante #NationalMonument in #Utah is...

"#GrandStaircase-Escalante #NationalMonument in #Utah is otherworldly, with vast landscapes of canyons, winding rugged backways and balanced rocks. Pictured here is the monument’s #Toadstools — stone caps of Dakota Sandstone protecting the softer sandstone create amazing hoodoos. David Lane created this stunning multi-image panorama of the area with the #MilkyWay above and radiating bands of red and green airglow visible. While Page, #Arizona, is nearly 50 miles south of the monument (and a soft, barely discernible light to the naked eye), the long exposure of David’s camera captured the light more vividly.
Photo courtesy of David Lane.” By usinterior on Instagram.

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