Friday, January 30, 2015

"#regram @makhulu_ Mr and Mrs Matias were heavily pregnant...

"#regram @makhulu_
Mr and Mrs Matias were heavily pregnant during the severe floods in Malawi. Their home was under water, as you can see by the water mark on the wall behind them, as they went into labour. A helicopter was delivering aid and an MSF midwife nurse happens to be on it. The clinic nearby was also waterlogged but the midwife decided to make a plan. 20min after meeting their baby girl was born. They are thinking of naming it Seven after the day the flood hit. Well that was my suggestion and truthfully we all moved passed it quickly. I left them in good spirits but earlier Mrs Matias had said that all their floor is gone, their next crops gone, and that they have huge concerns. “I am greatful for the birth of our child, but it’s just the beginning of our problems. We need help here.” It took me a helicopter ride and a 15min bicycle taxi to get to their home. With all roads still under water this community in Makhanga need serious help.
#msf #malawi” By doctorswithoutborders on Instagram.

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