Thursday, January 29, 2015

""Vesalius on the Verge: The Book and the Body" explores the...

""Vesalius on the Verge: The Book and the Body" explores the groundbreaking work of 16th century professor and physician Andreas Vesalius, who changed the way that human anatomy was taught forever with "De humani corporis fabrica (On the fabric of the human body)". The book did two things not seen before: it corrected errors in the conception of the human body that existed for over a millennia, and it combined text with artistic illustration, which enabled interactive learning. Where else can you see a first edition of the 1543 published text, a desiccated body juxtaposed with a full skeleton, and a contemporary recreation of Vesalius’ dissection table? Plan your visit today! #muttermuseum #vesalius #anatomy #medicine #rarebooks" By muttermuseum on Instagram.

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