Saturday, March 28, 2015

"New York City, NY | March 28, 2015 51st Street Walkscape More...

"New York City, NY | March 28, 2015

51st Street Walkscape

More work can be found on my Instagram account dedicated to these images @conceptual_ben In a nutshell this project is best described with the following statement.
We live in a time of radical documentation: Cameras are within easy reach and CCTVs record our every move. Our landscape and street corners are painstakingly documented. Time and space are mere elements to be observed, recorded and stored away.
My response has been to deconstruct and compress all these elements into a kaleidoscope of overlapping imagery. Walkscapes presents both sides of our visual tendencies: the obsessive documentation of the quotidian and our growing need to retain a modicum of anonymity.
The images are made from 30-100 merged pictures taken as I walk down a city block. All are made “in-phone” at the moment of capture.

#walkscape #art #conceptual #newyorkcity” By benlowy on Instagram.

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