Friday, June 12, 2015

“Forensic Friday!!!! This week has been such an honor and...

“Forensic Friday!!!! This week has been such an honor and so much fun hosting @muttermuseum Instagram page! Sadly, this is my last post. So let’s go out with a boom. The medical stuff is definitely interesting, but let’s talk about really interesting stuff: murders!!! Blunt force trauma!!!! This skull belonged to a woman named Ellen Jones who was murdered in 1863. The woman was struck while asleep by the pole of an ax. The entire right side of the skull is crushed. Portions of the right parietal, frontal, temporal, occipital and sphenoid bones are missing, having been shattered by the blow (left photo). An oval opening is also seen in the left occipital region (right photo) is thought to have been caused by a second stroke. The extreme force of the blow was also expanded on the left side of the cranium and face. The cool thing about visiting this skull @muttermuseum is that you are looking at an actual person that was murdered, not a drawing, photo or replica. That holds true to every specimen throughout the museum. It is my favorite place on earth which is why I got married there! It is worth taking a special trip to Philadelphia if you have not been there!!!!! Don’t forget to follow @muttermuseum @muttermuseum @muttermuseum 💀🔪
Photo cred @evi.numem
#iheartautopsy #forensicfriday #forensics #skull #bluntforcetrauma #murder #homicide #csi” By muttermuseum on Instagram.

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