Thursday, June 11, 2015

“Some of you recognized this!!! Great!!!! This is a super...

“Some of you recognized this!!! Great!!!! This is a super rare phenomenon and we are lucky to have one of these specimens on display @muttermuseum !!! So how does this happen?! In a normal pregnancy, a man ejaculates into a woman and the sperm goes up inside the uterus and travels up into the fallopian tube where it is supposed to fertilize the egg. The fertilized egg then moves it’s way down into the uterus where it begins to grow into a baby. This is a normal intrauterine pregnancy. But in the world of pathology normal things can always go wrong!!!! The normal anatomy of the ovary is outside the uterus and is freely floating in the pelvic cavity. When a woman ovulates every month, the egg leaves the ovary and enters the fallopian tube. Technically the egg is in the pelvic cavity for a very brief period of time. If somehow, just one little sperm was able to find its way up the uterus and all the way up the tube to this egg that was just leaving the ovary in the pelvic cavity and fertilize it, the egg could become fertilized in the pelvic cavity and implant itself within the pelvic or abdominal cavity. This is a super rare phenomenon. This is called an ectopic pregnancy, meaning a pregnancy that does not occur within the uterus. There have been a very rare number of these cases resulting in a live birth. In most of these cases the baby grows a few months then dies. A woman may not even know she is pregnant. This dead fetus just stays in the abdomen and does not come out as a "miscarriage” because it is not in the uterus, it’s in the abdomen. Over time, this dead fetus becomes mummified and calcified or a “stone baby”. This stone baby can live in the abdomen for years causing no problems. A woman can go on to have normal intrauterine pregnancies and still have an intraabdominal stone baby!!!! The most common location for an ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg implants within the fallopian tube. Because a large baby can not grow inside such a small tube this is always considered a surgical emergency so the mom does not bleed to death when the tube bursts.
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