Friday, June 12, 2015

“When I met Anna, the curator of @muttermuseum , we bonded...

“When I met Anna, the curator of @muttermuseum , we bonded over syphilis!! We both agreed syphilis was our favorite sexually transmitted disease!!! Why??? Syphilis starts as a simple bacterial infection that is sexually or congenitally transmitted. The infection can have 3 stages. The first stage is primary syphilis. This occurs about 20 days after infection. A chancre which is a painless ulcerated lesion occurs on the genitals. Because this lesion is painless, a patient may not even realize they are infected. Not all patients report having a chancre. Secondary syphilis occurs 4-10 weeks after the initial primary infection. The patient will present with a rash on the skin or on the mouth. This rash could occur on the palms and soles of feet. It will resolve itself within 4-6 weeks. Finally there is tertiary syphilis, my favorite! This can happen up to 15 years after the primary infection!!!! Crazy!!! In this stage syphilis can cause neurosyphilis which means the infection has spread to the brain. This can cause dementia and decay of the skull bone ass seen here!!! This is called syphilis caries. The word caries is a fancy name for what we call "cavities”. So basically the syphilis is giving the skull cavities!!!! So why is this Annna and I’s favorite STD? Because this doesn’t happened anymore!!!! If a person is infected with syphilis these days they seek antibiotic treatment immediately, they will not go through the stages of syphilis. The cool part about @muttermuseum is that you can still see a ton of skulls with syphilis caries, a sight you just would never see these days!!!!! #iheartautopsy #muttermuseum #skull #gettested #hip2know #std #dontgetburned #nhtd #testingsaveslives" By muttermuseum on Instagram.

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