Thursday, July 16, 2015

“Arthur Bachner, 90, snuck a kiss from his wife, Selma,...

“Arthur Bachner, 90, snuck a kiss from his wife, Selma, 88, in her room at a nursing home in the Bronx. Their love story began in the summer of 1940. Arthur saw Selma jumping rope with her friends, ribbons braided into her wavy brown hair. Bucky, as he was known at the time, sneaked up behind her and pulled the ribbon out of her braid. The ribbon unraveled. Selma, at the other end, gave chase. “I went after him with the rope, and I hit him with the rope.” And so it began. At first, their romance was a secret: Selma’s father didn’t approve. Two years later, Bucky joined the @marines. They married years later, after some time apart and other people. Sixty-five years later, Arthur says: “We’re not only good friends; we’re lovers. We confide in each other. Arguments are at a minimum.” @damonwinter photographed the couple in the Bronx for our series about #summerlove.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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