Monday, July 20, 2015

“At the end of a workday in Beijing’s central business...

“At the end of a workday in Beijing’s central business district, commuters squeeze onto a bus headed for Yanjiao, a small city in Hebei Province. China’s government has embarked on an ambitious plan to make #Beijing the center of a new supercity of 130 million people. The planned megalopolis would be about the size of Kansas, with a population larger than a third of the United States. It is meant to revamp the economy in northern #China and become a laboratory for modern urban growth. Its centerpiece: a huge expansion of high-speed rail to bring the major cities within an hour’s commute of each other. But so far, for many people, the creation of the supercity so far has meant ever-longer commutes on gridlocked highways to the capital. @chiyin_sim photographed Beijing and Yanjiao on #nytassignment.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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