Tuesday, July 7, 2015

“Everyone in Thayet Oak, the #Rohingya village in Myanmar...

“Everyone in Thayet Oak, the #Rohingya village in Myanmar where 13-year-old Jubair lives, knows him as the boy who was left behind. His mother, Hasinah, fled Myanmar for Malaysia with his three siblings. Six months later, Jubair was still baffled as to why they left him behind. “I think maybe she didn’t have enough money,” he told @nytimes. “I don’t know exactly.” Hasinah knew it would cost as much as $2,000 just to bring her three youngest children to Malaysia. Taking her first-born son could double the smugglers’ price. But life for the 75,000 Rohingya migrants in Malaysia is little better than what they left in #Myanmar. Photo by Tomas Munita for @nytimes.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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