Monday, July 13, 2015

“Hikers near the #Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most famous...

“Hikers near the #Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most famous peak — and one of the most dangerous #mountains in the world. On Tuesday, 150 years after it was first conquered, the 14,692-foot tall mountain will be closed to climbers for the first time ever. The closure pays homage to the four men who perished during the peak’s inaugural ascent, as well as nearly 600 people who have lost their lives there since 1865. But the closure isn’t just about remembering the past. It’s also a nod to a different kind of future for the Matterhorn. Up until now, about 3,000 people have climbed annually. Citing concerns about safety and the environment, Zermatt, the popular tourist destination nearby, is trying to reduce the number of climbers who tackle the Matterhorn every year. Photo by @moraphoto.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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