Thursday, July 9, 2015

“John Davis, left, and Dean Schmid worked on a #motorcycle...

“John Davis, left, and Dean Schmid worked on a #motorcycle at Dean’s home in Somerset, #Colorado. He moved there three years ago for the fishing, but travels more than an hour away for work. “Coal #Mining town since 1896,” reads the road sign at the edge of Somerset. But the mines that once employed hundreds have laid off nearly everybody. Somerset’s population, which peaked at about 700 during World War I, has fallen to about 90 people, many of them retirees and part-time residents. Meanwhile, tighter regulations, environmental lawsuits and a pivot toward cheaper and cleaner-burning natural gas have knocked coal towns on their heels across the United States. The changes are raising questions about the future — which might look something like Somerset does today. Photo by @michaelciaglo for @nytimes.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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