Wednesday, July 8, 2015

“Julio Rodriguez and Dolores Batista met on a summer night...

“Julio Rodriguez and Dolores Batista met on a summer night in 1988. Julio, a tall and handsome supper club manager, was a seasoned flirt. But that night, he found he was the one being flirted with. “I’d like you to make me a drink,” said Dolores, who was a guest at the supper club. After a three-week whirlwind of barbecues, salsa dancing and what he called “hot fun in the summer,” she broke off their romance. But a decade later, after a career change for Julio, they got back together — and they’ve been together ever since. They were, and still are, an unlikely pair. “I’m very spoiled,” Dolores said, “but he’s spoiled too.” @damonwinter photographed the couple at their home in the Bronx. This summer, @nytimes journalists are telling stories of love and lovers in New York, like Julio and Dolores. #❤️ #summerlove" By nytimes on Instagram.

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