Wednesday, July 22, 2015

“Mykola Maslov, left, and Taras Karasiichuk stood before a...

“Mykola Maslov, left, and Taras Karasiichuk stood before a clerk at the #Manhattan marriage bureau on July 1 and said their vows. The couple had flown to New York from their home in Kiev days before the Supreme Court decision on #samesexmarriage. Mostly they came to love each other openly and without fear, to walk the streets hand in hand, to steal a public kiss: little things that are nearly impossible in Ukraine. After they got married — wearing flashy suits custom made to match the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag — word spread on social media. Their story was picked up by Ukrainian and Russian news outlets. Taras said he hoped their experience could serve as an example for others, but for now, his priority is his husband. “I’m prepared to tear down cliffs or anything else for Kolya.” Piotr Redlinski photographed the couple for our series on #summerlove.#💛💙” By nytimes on Instagram.

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