Friday, July 17, 2015

“The Island Mere Hide at the Minsmere #nature preserve on...

“The Island Mere Hide at the Minsmere #nature preserve on the Suffolk coast of #England. Structures like this one are found in nature preserves all over the world. Their purpose? To make you disappear. This week the #NYTMag "On Nature” columnist writes about the tradition of sitting quietly in the dark, waiting. “What you see from hides is supposed to be true reality: animals behaving perfectly naturally because they do not know they are being observed. But turning yourself into a pair of eyes in a darkened box distances you from the all-encompassing landscape around the hide, reinforcing a divide between human and natural worlds,” she writes. Later, she continues: “The longer you sit there, the more you become abstracted from this place, and yet fixed to it. The sudden appearance of a deer at the lake’s shore, or a flight of ducks tipping and whiffling down to splash on sunlit water, becomes treasure, through the simple fact of the passing of time.” Photo by @gilesinfo for #NYTMag.“ By nytimes on Instagram.

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