Friday, July 10, 2015

“We all need more of this. @sarafoxphoto and her new...

“We all need more of this. @sarafoxphoto and her new husband, Porter Fox, spent their #honeymoon in #Italy, where she captured a view of the #sunset in #Cefalù, #Sicily. “We were both travelers — me a writer, Sara a photographer — who had somehow wandered into each other,” Porter wrote for @nytimestravel. “And here we were, together, on the greatest journey of our lives.” Together they flew to Venice, took the train to Tuscany, rented a vintage car and hopped a boat to Sicily. In Cefalù, a fishing village where they spent the last few days of their trip, they rented a tiny apartment with a large deck that looked out on the mile-long beach extending from town. The first night, they watched the ocean morph “from blue to indigo to silver to charcoal.” See more of @sarafoxphoto’s images from Italy on @nytimestravel.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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