Thursday, July 9, 2015

“What if you found out you had an identical twin? And he...

“What if you found out you had an identical twin? And he had a fraternal twin who was the identical twin of your fraternal twin? Wait, what? As unlikely as it sounds, that’s what happened to Jorge Enrique Bernal Castro, left, William Cañas Velasco, Carlos Alberto Bernal Castro and Wilber Cañas Velasco. After a hospital error, the Colombian identical #twins were raised as two pairs of fraternal twins — one pair in Bogotá and the other pair in the countryside. They discovered the truth in 2014. Now, each young man has a rare, second pairing, a second chance at an unusual kind of closeness. An American professor who has been studying the men said her preliminary results show that on a number of traits, the identical twins were less alike than she initially anticipated. “I came away with a real respect for the effect of an extremely different environment.” Photo by @stefanruizphoto for #NYTMag.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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