Thursday, August 6, 2015

““Being a pop-leaning, female artist, you’d think that I’d...

““Being a pop-leaning, female artist, you’d think that I’d have my record company breathing down my neck and trying to control everything I’m doing,” Halsey (@iamhalsey) told @nytimes. “Actually, they’ve just kind of let me take the wheel.” At 14, @iamhalsey had 14,000 friends on MySpace. By 18, she had 16,000 YouTube subscribers. With the release of her first album on Aug. 28, @iamhalsey, now 20, will try to translate the secret language she shares with her online followers for a wider audience without losing its essential intimacy. It’s a rare tightrope walk pulled off by other web-driven artists like @lordemusic and @lanadelrey. @jokemichaels photographed @iamhalsey in #LosAngeles last month, just before a performance.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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