Thursday, August 13, 2015

“Makes you want to go fishing, doesn’t it? The @nytimes...

“Makes you want to go fishing, doesn’t it? The @nytimes staff photographer Don Hogan Charles spotted these fishermen at Garritsen Inlet in 1990. Abandoned cars like the one seen here were once a fixture of the New York landscape — on the city’s streets and even in its waters. In 1988, the Department of Sanitation removed 148,257 deserted cars from city streets, parks and waterways. That’s an average of 406 a day, or one every 3.5 minutes. Today, the streets (and inlets) are cleaner — in large part because a junker is too valuable to leave by the side of the road. Somebody wants it and will pay for it. This photo came from our newsroom #archives, known as “the morgue.” #tbt” By nytimes on Instagram.

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