Thursday, August 6, 2015

“#Moonrise over Nicodemus, #Kansas, the country’s oldest...

“#Moonrise over Nicodemus, #Kansas, the country’s oldest black settlement west of the Mississippi River. The town of no more than 25 residents was settled by freed slaves in the 1870s. Nicodemus grew quickly at first, but wasn’t able to get a railroad line to run through town. Within a few years, plenty of residents left. But each summer, for a few sweet days, the town’s population swells for a homecoming celebration. Cousins snack on catfish sandwiches and play basketball on the court next to Township Hall. Old men and women reminisce about their childhoods, discuss the joys and hardships of rural life in northwest Kansas, and ponder the future of this proud town, one that boomed, went bust and held on. @angelfranco_nyt spent a few days in Nicodemus on #nytassignment last week. Follow him to see more photos from the reunion.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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