Monday, August 17, 2015

“#Sunbathers at Gurovskiye Kamni beach in #Gurzuf, on the...

“#Sunbathers at Gurovskiye Kamni beach in #Gurzuf, on the southern coast of #Crimea. Gurzuf emerged in the early 19th century as an elite summer resort. After a short visit, Aleksandr Pushkin, the forefather of Russian literature, wrote, “If I am to travel far from the eternal light, where happiness lasts forever, I hope my soul will fly to Gurzuf.” But today, 17 months after Russian President Vladimir Putin deployed Special Forces troops to seize Crimea from Ukraine, life on this Black Sea peninsula remains in disarray. Recently, access to Gurovskiye Kamni beach has become a matter of dispute, with a nearby Kremlin-backed children’s camp seeking to take the beach for its visitors and local residents fighting to keep it open to the public. Photo by @mjrhill on #nytassignment in Crimea.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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