Thursday, August 27, 2015

“#Wildebeests and #zebras grazing in the fields of the...

“#Wildebeests and #zebras grazing in the fields of the #MasaiMara National Reserve. Each summer, 500,000 wildebeests die along the treacherous migration from the @serengeti_national_park in Tanzania to reserve in #Kenya. And with death come the scavengers — none more important than the vulture. Vultures have evolved into the most efficient cleaners in the natural world. Because of their highly acidic gastric juices, they can eat flesh infected with a variety of diseases without getting ill. When they feast on diseased meat, picking the carcass clean, the threat of wider infection ends. But in recent years, #vulture populations across #EastAfrica have been decimated by poaching, poisoning and other human interventions. @nytvideo journalist @bcsolomon took this photo on #nytassignment. 🌾” By nytimes on Instagram.

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