Wednesday, August 5, 2015

“Yes many of you diagnosed this! Great!!! I’m sure...

“Yes many of you diagnosed this! Great!!! I’m sure there is nothing worse than getting a beautiful tattoo then having syphilis show up on it!! This illustration will be a part of @muttermuseum Skin Exibit. Although tattoos use needles, they are more like an abrasion or a scrape. The very small needles basically scrape the dermal layer of the skin causing a wound while ink enters from the tattoo gun. The body thinks this abrasion is a wound and sees the ink entering the wound as "foreign” material and sends special blood sells to the site to help heal the wound and get rid of the foreign material. These cells called macrophages engulf the ink and stay at the site, and that is how the tattoo stays in the skin. Whenever skin is broken and bleeding occurs or the blood vessels in the dermal layer are broken, infection can occur, so getting a tattoo is a perfect environment for that. In modern tattooing, the needles are sterile meaning they are clean and free of any potential bacteria or viruses that can enter the skin. Infections can still occur because the skin itself is not sterile and there is always bacteria chilling on the skin, but in general we are safe from things such as Hepatitis C and HIV. Back in the day, not much was known about the transmission of microbial agents such as hepatitis and syphilis. When a person got tattooed, they were often not getting a new needle or one that was sterilized by today’s techniques. That set up the person who received the tattoo for transmissible infections as seen here.
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