Tuesday, September 8, 2015

“Ahmad Khalifa, 15 from #Iraq, is a patient at #MSF’s...

“Ahmad Khalifa, 15 from #Iraq, is a patient at #MSF’s newly upgraded reconstructive surgery hospital in Amman, Jordan.

He was injured in October 2010, when an ambushed car exploded a few metres from his school building. Ahmad doesn’t like to describe this moment and is trying to erase it from his memory. All he remembers is the noise of the ambulances arriving and fire all around him.
He arrived at the MSF surgery project in Amman in 2011 for the first time and has had 22 surgeries since. He had severe burn injuries to his face, neck, arms and other parts of his body. His next surgery is due in September. "This hospital has become a second home for me; I’ve made more friends here from the other patients than I have in Iraq. The new hospital is a convenient place and we get to watch football matches on TV. I support Real Madrid and I will always do so,” said Ahmad.

The hospital serves #war wounded patients from across the region who have no access to specialised surgical care.
© Enass Abu Khalaf-Tuffaha/MSF” By doctorswithoutborders on Instagram.

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