Wednesday, September 30, 2015

“Avery Harrington, 48, a former Marine, worked as a...

"Avery Harrington, 48, a former Marine, worked as a highway technician for the Ohio Department of Transportation until earlier this year. But when he connected with a Facebook page recruiting foreign volunteers to join the fight against extremists in Syria, Avery made some changes. In March, carrying $10,000, body armor with steel plates, two canned hams, turkey bacon, 25 pairs of clean socks and 10 packets of baby wipes, he flew to Iraq. When he finally made it to Syria, he went through a kind of boot camp alongside two other Americans, a New Zealander, an Iranian and two Brits. Many realized, far too late, that this wasn't a normal deployment. ''We perpetually give,'' Avery said. ''And we are perpetually getting screwed.'' Moises Saman of @magnumphotos took this photo for #NYTMag." By nytimes on Instagram.

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