Friday, September 4, 2015

“Dunblane, Scotland: “This is where it all started.” What...

“Dunblane, Scotland: “This is where it all started.” What should a mother do when her 5-year-old son wants to compete in tennis tournaments? Judy Murray created her own in #Dunblane, which is 30 miles northeast of Glasgow. Her sons, @andymurray and Jamie, “grew up on the artificial grass courts” pictured here, photographed by @kierandodds. @andymurray had his first racket by time he was 2. Today, Judy said, the facilities are much the same, but the sport has become more popular.

Where did the top #tennis players first learn to swing a racket? This week, to mark the @usopen, @nytimessports visits the childhood courts of @djokernole, @rogerfederer and @serenawilliams and @venuswilliams, among others. #🎾” By nytimes on Instagram.

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