Friday, September 4, 2015

“I’m doctor Natalie Roberts and I’m an MSF...

“I’m doctor Natalie Roberts and I’m an MSF project coordinator in Yemen, a country experiencing one of the worst conflicts I have ever seen. Today, I’m trying to show what a typical day is like for our teams there. For more info and photos, head over to our @msf_field Twitter page.

We’re on the road for a long day today, moving from Amran to the Saada mountains. There was bombing yesterday in our destination, so everyone is anxious. Our car is full: there’s my three Yemeni colleagues, we have medical supplies to deliver, plus food and a generator to make sure we can eat and have light tonight. We stop at a camp near an MSF-supported health centre. 1,000 people live here in awful conditions, they left Saada due to airstrikes. I’m sending this young child with acute malnutrition to the MSF emergency room. People complain here that they have no food.
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