Thursday, September 3, 2015

“In the cloudless early hours of July 27, two tiny fishing...

“In the cloudless early hours of July 27, two tiny fishing boats drifted across the #Mediterranean Sea. Crammed aboard were 733 would-be #migrants, including 59 children under the age of 5. Most were from the impoverished and despotically ruled northeast African nation of #Eritrea. They carried with them only biscuits and some plastic bottles of water, and few of them knew how to swim. None wore life jackets. They had pushed off from the Libyan shore at about midnight, along with a third boat that was now missing. Their destination was the Italian island of Sicily, 300 miles away. Most had no idea how long their journey might last, though a few had been told by their smugglers that they could expect to reach Italy in six to eight hours. In reality, at the boats’ current speed, such a voyage would take at least six days, long past the point when almost all those onboard would have perished from dehydration or exposure. For the crossing, the migrants paid an average of $1,500. Paolo Pellegrin of @magnumphotos took this photo while on assignment for #NYTMag. Full story, with videos and photographs:” By nytimes on Instagram.

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