Sunday, September 6, 2015

“In September 1964, @nytimes published a photo essay...

“In September 1964, @nytimes published a photo essay showing “Surfing in Silhouette” at Gilgo Beach on #LongIsland, where a two-day annual surf championship took place. “The ‘hot-doggers’ — those that take chances — stole the show,” The Times reported. “They walked up and down their 10-foot boards, spun them left and right and, on occasion, even ‘hung five’ — put five toes over the nose of the board.” And then there was this guy. Barton Silverman, a staff photographer for The Times captured this hot-dogger’s #wipeout. This #nytweekender, we’re digging into our #archives to celebrate #LaborDay weekend with one last trip to the beach.” By nytimes on Instagram.

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