Tuesday, September 8, 2015

“Mustafa Irshaid, a 14-year-old from #Syria, is a patient...

“Mustafa Irshaid, a 14-year-old from #Syria, is a patient at #MSF’s newly upgraded reconstructive surgery hospital in Amman, #Jordan.

He was severely injured on the 29 September 2013 when a missile fell near the restaurant he was helping his father at after school.
One of his arms was amputated; he also had amputation from below the knee on one of his legs. He arrived in Amman hospital for the first time in 2014 and had more than three bone graft surgeries alongside physiotherapy treatment to help him regain the strength and mobility needed to stand up again and leave his wheelchair behind. In a couple of weeks, he will receive prosthetic limbs. "I like the new MSF hospital as it has more space and I can do more activities with other patients in-between surgeries.” Mustafa said. “My father is with me in the hospital and he always tells me I have to be patient because one day I will finish my treatment. I used to play football with my friends in Syria in the afternoons and I hope after the completion of my treatment with MSF in Amman, I will be able to play football again. It doesn’t matter if I play with a normal leg or prosthetic leg as long as I can enjoy playing and can kick the ball again.” The hospital serves #war wounded patients from across the region who have no access to specialised surgical care.
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