Friday, September 25, 2015

“Osunba Raymond Olakunle, an Air Scout member who hopes to...

"Osunba Raymond Olakunle, an Air Scout member who hopes to become a pilot, aboard a train in #Nigeria. Osunba was on his way from Badagry, in Lagos State, to Osogbo for a training exercise. "He prefers taking the train to driving, even though it takes more time, because he can walk around and enjoy the view," writes @glennagordon for #NYTMag. "When traveling by road, he says, 'you just sit in your chair until you get where you are going.'" Ever since the opening of a railway line connecting Lagos, in the south, to Kano, in the north, @glennagordon has wanted to make the journey. "Nigeria can be a hard place to take photographs; it's not a country with press freedom, and people usually greet strangers with suspicion," she writes. "But on this trip, I became a familiar face. I was surprised how easily I could move around." This photo appears in #NYTMag's Voyages issue. See more:" By nytimes on Instagram.

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