Monday, September 28, 2015

“#Repost @1in20 ・・・ Please take a moment to read this post...

"#Repost @1in20
・・・ Please take a moment to read this post and go over and follow @1in20 …. Instagram has so much potential and while I just record and document my travels, my wife @marvilacar uses Instagram to create a community and space for those affected by mental illness. It's emotion, it's heavy, it's important.

Today I write a personal post. In the last 5 weeks I lost two mentors who were also dear friends; a friend from my 20s killed herself leaving behind two young boys; and a mother in my son's community lost her 5 week old child. I am not only heartbroken that I can no longer share love and life with my friends but my heart hurts for the children and parents and who have to bear the unimaginable pain of such a loss. At the memorial service last week, the cantor read a quote from Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk: "Nothing is more whole than a broken heart." This quote would have meant something different to me back in my youth but after having been broken and knowing that the possibility of healing is real, I can say this, I got through it because of my community: my family, my friends, my caregivers, complete strangers who reached out and said, "I get it." The gratitude I feel to those who reached out to me is endless. Trust me with this, it isn't weakness that breaks us, and it isn't so much strength that allows us to endure. It is hope and love. It is allowing room for vulnerability and hugs. It is reaching out to anyone who looks like they need an understanding ear. Most of the time people don't need to hear that it'll be OK or that there is a plan… Most of the time, they just need to lean on someone who will listen.

I pair this post with a photo from my friend and @1in20 partner @kerrypayne. I have never felt more whole, more loved until after being broken.
Contributor: @marvilacar @bonetiredmama
Illustration: @kerrypayne —- *** Share this privately, publicly, write your own… however you do it, PLEASE, REACH OUT to those who may need you. Hugs are free!***
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