Friday, September 25, 2015

“Singers from the Ganguro Cafe, part of the #Ganguro...

"Singers from the Ganguro Cafe, part of the #Ganguro fashion revival, photographed at @parkhyatttokyo. While visiting #Tokyo for #NYTMag, @littlebrownmushroom stayed at the @parkhyatttokyo, where the film "Lost in Translation" was made. He got a room and he didn't leave; instead, he brought the city to him. "I brought in singers, a sushi chef, teachers and others. I probably learned as much as if I had gone out and visited temples and wandered the streets," he writes for the magazine's Voyages issue. "Normally, I have a wariness of photographing in other cultures, but I felt as though I could get away with it here, because I'm not even pretending to enter the city. I was totally #lostintranslation, presented with this fabulous surface of things that I don't entirely understand." This photo appears in #NYTMag's Voyages issue. See more:" By nytimes on Instagram.

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