Friday, September 25, 2015

““When I first arrived in #Istanbul, I planned on taking...

""When I first arrived in #Istanbul, I planned on taking street photographs," writes @biekedepoorter for #NYTMag. "But after three days, I realized I hadn't taken a single picture. Instead, I found myself wondering what was happening behind the closed curtains of the homes I passed." Along with a translator, @biekedepoorter approached women on the street and knocked on doors in neighborhoods all over the city. She spent a long evening in #Yedikule, Istanbul, with this Roma family. The photo shown here was her last shot of the night. "I didn't bring the translator when I was shooting," she writes. "Without language, we were able to interact in a different way; it was another way of communicating." This photo appears in #NYTMag's Voyages issue. See more:" By nytimes on Instagram.

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