Wednesday, September 30, 2015

“When Joanna Newsom thinks about her most dedicated fans,...

"When Joanna Newsom thinks about her most dedicated fans, she knows exactly what her duties are. Joanna's songs, she said on a recent visit to New York City, have "layers, layers, layers" — layers of historical and literary allusion in the lyrics, layers of delicate intricacy in the music. Now, on the verge of releasing her sixth album, she is pushed further by her listeners. "I definitely can't write an easy song," she said. "There is a group of people who are showing up with absolute, complete faith that there's something worth digging for in the lyrics. And if I don't put it in there, it's like breaking a contract." "Divers," #JoannaNewsom's first new collection since 2010, comes out on October 23. @damonwinter photographed her in Williamsburg, #Brooklyn." By nytimes on Instagram.

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