Thursday, October 22, 2015

“‘‘I look for the biggest mines in the world,’’ the...

"''I look for the biggest mines in the world,'' the photographer Edward Burtynsky told #NYTMag. This a detail from a photograph #EdwardBurtynsky took of the Chino Mine in Silver City, New Mexico in 2012. The mine has been excavated persistently for more than a century. Today, it stretches almost two miles across and 1,350 feet down. "It's a chasm, a void, a deep and disordered amphitheater built around an abyss," writes Jon Mooallem for #NYTMag. More photos by Edward Burtynsky — who started taking pictures of mining complexes in 1981 — appear in this weekend's issue of #NYTMag. Follow the link in our profile to see more photos. #aerialphotography" By nytimes on Instagram.

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