Thursday, October 29, 2015

“In his latest film, “Creed,” the 28-year-old actor...

"In his latest film, "Creed," the 28-year-old actor @michaelbjordan plays an aspiring fighter named Adonis Johnson, the heretofore unknown son of the boxer Apollo Creed. Adonis heads to Philadelphia to be trained by Rocky Balboa, played by — who else? — Sylvester Stallone. But "Creed," which will be released on November 25, explores a different side of #Philadelphia than the Rocky films have. "Creed" is told through the eyes of young black millennials, showcasing the city's hip-hop and dirt bike scenes. "I'm just trying to shine lights on little situations that I feel are the problem, and telling it through art," @michaelbjordan said of his aciting. @eliz photographed @michaelbjordan at @losangelesathleticclub." By nytimes on Instagram.

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