Saturday, October 31, 2015

“When @angelfranco_nyt photographed Guissette Muniz...

"When @angelfranco_nyt photographed Guissette Muniz outside her grandmother's house in the Bronx on #Halloween in 1991, she looked like a 6-year-old princess surveying a kingdom in ruins. Empty lots, cracked sidewalks and dirty streets surrounded her in her family's neighborhood, #Bronx Park South. Not another soul was visible. Guissette was indeed scared — but not by her surroundings. "My uncle was inside wearing a Chucky mask," she recalled six years ago, in a conversation with @nytimes reporter @104bx. "The shoes, the mask, the whole outfit. He was walking around with it, and I was really frightened." This #nytweekender, we're looking at the Halloweens of years past. This series of #halloweekender photos came from our newsroom #archives, known affectionately — and spookily — as the "morgue." #🎃👻" By nytimes on Instagram.

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