Monday, November 23, 2015

“Aws, 25, was a member of the Khansaa Brigade — the...

"Aws, 25, was a member of the Khansaa Brigade — the all-female morality police of the Islamic State — until she fled from her home in Raqqa, Syria. But her life was once much different. Aws, who we have identified by a nickname, grew up in a middle-class family and studied English literature in university. She devoured novels: some by Agatha Christie, and many by Dan Brown. Pictures of her old life in Raqqa show days on the lakeshore, her friends in bathing suits, dancing in the water. But at the start of 2014, everything changed. ISIS, known in #Raqqa as The Organization, wrested full control of her hometown. Today, after fleeing Raqqa and its jihadist rulers, Aws lives in a small city in southern Turkey, where @taratwphoto photographed her. Aws still struggles to explain how she changed from a modern young woman into a morality enforcer. Visit the link in our profile to read the full story." By nytimes on Instagram.

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