Saturday, November 28, 2015

“To measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the water,...

"To measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the water, Grace Andrews and Josh Unterman collected samples from a stream of meltwater flowing across the #Greenland ice sheet. Winding through rivers and fjords, the meltwater flows toward the ocean, where it eventually merges with towering icebergs. Grace wants to learn whether the carbon dioxide in the stream is derived from an ancient carbon source that has been sequestered and stored in the ice for thousands of years. If so, this means that as the ice sheet melts, some of this ancient carbon is being released. At the moment, climate models do not account for that. This #nytweekender, we'll be sharing photos from #Greenland by @joshhaner, who traveled there to document scientists mining the icy environment for data to help better understand climate change." By nytimes on Instagram.

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