Saturday, December 5, 2015

“A troupe of men clad in bearskins danced through...

"A troupe of men clad in bearskins danced through #Comanesti, Romania, stopping at homes where they had been invited to perform. In Romania's Trotus Valley, this is a Christmastime tradition: Men, women and children wearing bearskins descend on homes to chase away the year's bad spirits. The photographer @dianazeynebalhindawi, who spent her early childhood in Romania, remembered this scene fondly. Last year, she returned to photograph it. This #nytweekender, we'll be sharing @dianazeynebalhindawi's photos of Romania's dancing bears, which were featured on the @nytimes #lensblog. Tap the link in our profile to see more photo. #🐻🐻🐻" By nytimes on Instagram.

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