Tuesday, December 22, 2015

“@cynthiaerivo had no interest in playing a victim. Yes,...

"@cynthiaerivo had no interest in playing a victim. Yes, the character she plays in @bwaycolorpurple is raped by the man she thinks is her father and then beaten by her husband. Yes, her children are taken and her sister is banished. But the 28-year-old British actress — who's making her Broadway debut as Celie, one of the most enduring characters of 20th century American literature — is demanding that audiences see more than that. @cynthiaerivo's performance has been singled out as a highlight of the season. Although she's playing a quintessentially American role, she said she has felt at home with the cast and the material. "I don't think it's different to be a black girl in England than it is to be a black girl from America," she told @nytimes. "We all collectively share in a pain of displacement, and not feeling like we quite belong in places." @gab photographed @cynthiaerivo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn." By nytimes on Instagram.

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