Saturday, December 19, 2015

“George Cuesta burst into tears when a group of Manhattan...

"George Cuesta burst into tears when a group of Manhattan sidewalk Santa Clauses pretended to take stock of his (very long) Christmas list. "George was a bit upset by all the attention," read the @nytimes caption when the photo was published in November 1957. The Santas were paid $4.50 a day, along with room and board, to canvas on the streets for the Volunteers of America. Before they began their work, they were required to take a 4-day course. Among the lessons: Avoid garlic and onions and "ring your bell, but don't be a nuisance." Arthur Brower, a @nytimes staff photographer, took this photo. This #nytweekender, we're sharing photos of the #Santas of yesteryear. To see more Santa photos from the #archives, visit the link in our profile. #🎅" By nytimes on Instagram.

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