Thursday, December 31, 2015

“No big deal, but in 1907, @nytimes invented the Times...

"No big deal, but in 1907, @nytimes invented the Times Square ball drop. "The descent of an electric ball will mark the arrival of 1908 tonight," read a short item in the newspaper on December 31 of that year. The original ball was 5 feet in diameter. Its light came from 216 electric lamps. It descended from the top of a flagpole to the roof of the @nytimes tower, flashing "the youngster's name to the four quarters of the town." (The youngster being 1908.) Since then, @nytimes photographers have documented the crowds and chaos of the annual #NewYearsEve celebration in #TimesSquare. Here, staff photographer Chester Higgins Jr. captured technicians in 1978, eyeing a new-and-improved ball. Today, security barricades and checkpoints line the perimeter of the square, and the electronic billboards outshine the luster of the ball. #tbt #🎉 #🎊 #🎇" By nytimes on Instagram.

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