Friday, December 11, 2015

“This might look like America. And with a name like...

"This might look like America. And with a name like Jackson Hole, it sounds like America. But this is Jackson Hole, China. On the outskirts of Beijing, more than 1,000 families have settled into this resort community modeled after the American frontier town — a replica that comes complete with timber-frame houses, generous backyards and street names like Aspen and Route 66. Modest entry-level homes sell for $625,000, and larger abodes fetch nearly $8 million. The mammoth real-estate venture in Hebei Province is a pastiche of its American counterpart, albeit one with a wine-tasting pavilion, a New Age spa and security guards dressed as park rangers, who salute every passing car. @chiyin_sim of @VIIPhoto photographed this new section of housing being built while on #nytassignment in #JacksonHole, China." By nytimes on Instagram.

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