Thursday, December 10, 2015

“Welcome to the office of @justinpjtrudeau, Canada’s new...

"Welcome to the office of @justinpjtrudeau, Canada's new prime minister. ''This is very much the last guy's style, not mine," @justinpjtrudeau, 43, told @nytmag. "I'll have a smaller desk in the corner and a bigger couch so we can sit down and actually have discussions. I'll put a reclining seat over there, for me to read.'' With @barackobama's support and the legacy of his father — a former #primeminister — on his side, @justinpjtrudeau is setting out to rethink not just his office, but what it means to be #Canadian. Visit the link in our profile to read the @nytmag profile of @justinpjtrudeau, and see more photos by @mark_peckmezian. #🇨🇦" By nytimes on Instagram.

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