Wednesday, December 9, 2015

“When the classical pianist and singer known as @ourladyj...

"When the classical pianist and singer known as @ourladyj learned that her health plan did not cover transition-related care, she was distraught. It reminded her of a darker time in her life, when she was suicidal and struggled with substance abuse, largely as a result of being unable to afford the medical care she needed to transition genders. "When you are living in a body you don't identify with, it's easy not to take care of that body," said @ourladyj, who is a writer for @transparentamazon. "I am healthier because of what I have done with my transition. I am a more productive person. I am a better citizen." @damonwinter took this #multipleexposure photo of @ourladyj for a @nytimes opinion series about transgender experiences and the challenges ahead. Visit the link in our profile to learn more." By nytimes on Instagram.

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