Thursday, January 28, 2016

“After Jesse Longoria recovered from a roadside bomb blast...

"After Jesse Longoria recovered from a roadside bomb blast that nearly killed him in Iraq, he got a job with the Wounded Warrior Project (@wwp), training #veterans to help other veterans. @tamirhasacellphone photographed Jesse, a former @marines sniper, with his 16-month-old son, Noah, for a story about how @wwp's swift rise has led to aggressive styles of fund-raising, marketing and personnel management. Insiders say the charity has also spent millions per year on itself. In 2012, after Jesse had been working at @wwp for about a year, he had to have his right arm amputated and later checked himself into suicide watch at a psychiatric ward. Not long after, he was fired from his job. But in a way, Jesse was relieved. "I knew where the money was going," he said. "It seemed to me like it was a big lie."" By nytimes on Instagram.

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