Sunday, January 31, 2016

“Betsy Brackett and her campaign accessory, Bellissima,...

"Betsy Brackett and her campaign accessory, Bellissima, waited with Frank Froehlich, a @usarmy veteran, outside @realdonaltrump's campaign event on Thursday evening. @realdonaltrump made headlines earlier in the week when he backed out of the #gopdebate. But that didn't stop supporters from flocking to the Sheslow Auditorium at @drakeuniversity in Des Moines. The @nytimes photographer @damonwinter — one of 8 photographers on #nytassignment covering the #Iowacaucuses — had a few minutes to photograph the crowd outside before the event began. See if you can figure out how this picture is connected to the last one we posted. (This one is a bit tricky. We just really liked Bellissima.) #nytweekender" By nytimes on Instagram.

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