Friday, January 29, 2016

““I came out at 15. I had gotten rid of all the kind of...

""I came out at 15. I had gotten rid of all the kind of people who would go against me before I came out, and was discovering a lot about my gender identity. I stopped going to church, and all that sort of stuff. But luckily my family is really accepting. They can't be perfect. It's more of a learning experience for them, just as much as it is for me. Luckily they have a very outspoken son. But I live in rural Iowa. Going out canvassing in a lot of these rural areas when I'm sort of expressing my gender more femininely is not necessarily the safest thing." @nytimes reporters are asking people at #Election2016 campaign events — like Austin Wadle of Grinnell, Iowa, pictured here — what makes them passionate about politics. Follow the photographer @chadbatka to see more from this ongoing series, or visit the link in our profile. #ofthepeople2016" By nytimes on Instagram.

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